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Yin & Massage Workshop

This is a deeply relaxing Yin Yoga practice with massage and sound healing.




21st September




Serenity Space, 

205 Merton Road 

SW18 5EE


This workshop starts with a grounding, relaxing Yin Yoga practice, which is a carefully curated selection of floor poses that target specific meridians (energy channels) which stimulate internal organs to improve the overall physiology of the body. Holding these poses for up to 5 minutes gently stretches and rehabilitates the connective tissues around our joints to improve mobility. These holds also help to restore the flow of Chi (energy) and release physical and emotional tension that gets held in the body and manifests as aches and pains.

Yin Yoga is much more than a physical practice as there’s the introspective, meditative part whilst holding the poses for up to 5 minutes. This is an opportunity to quieten the fluctuations of the mind, connect to the deeper layers of ourselves and move towards a higher state of consciousness.

During child’s pose I will offer a relaxing lower back massage and in savasana a shoulder, neck and head massage.

At the end there will be sound healing using my Tibetan singing bowl, Koshi chime and Hapi drum, taking you into a deeper state of relaxation.

Expect to leave feeling nurtured from the inside out, peaceful and ready to face the world.

To book your place in either workshop click the Book button.

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